Jake's 4th Birthday

Jake turned 4 on August 29th and we celebrated his birthday on Sunday with a very small swimming party at our house.

Jake decorated his own cake.  He wanted African Animals!  He went a little overboard.

Uncle "Awesome" and Aunt Kissy came early to help him celebrate.

His two cousins Matthew and Zachary played with waterguns all afternoon.

Jake and Miller and Coy taking a break from swimming to eat a hotdog or two.

Spiderman from Uncle Dustin...scary.

"Happy Birthday to Jake"


Wii love our new Christmas present!!!

Jake loves his new Christmas present that he got from Santa. And he's pretty good at it too....take a look!!

more pics to come......


Vail, Colorado

We went to Vail, Colorado for my cousin Tyre's wedding.  We had a lot of fun and Jake had a lot of firsts.  Here are a few pics to show our weekend. 
 Jake's First Plane Ride.
 Jake and Daddy throwing rocks in the ICE cold river.
 Mommy, Daddy and Jake going to the top of the mountain.
 That's a long way down!!!
 The Yockey Family at the Top of the Mountain.  What a view!!
 Jake riding a pony at the top of the mountain.
 Jake walking a tight rope at the top of the mountain.
 Mom, Kissy, Me and Julie at cocktail hour before the reception.
 Me and Trey with the Bride and Groom.
Me, Julie, Mom and Dad
 Mom and the Mother of the Groom, Aunt Mary.
 Tyre dancing on stage with his groomsmen!!  What an AWESOME band!!
 Sunday morning brunch, trying to get a family picture.
 Kye, Jake, Miller
 Jake in the water hole in the center of Vail.   So beautiful.
 Mommy and Jake with the 'giant' Moose.
 Daddy and Jake with the 'wild' coyotes.
Kye, Aunt Kendie, Miller and Jake


Jake's 3rd Birthday

*** I know, I know....I'm about 6 weeks behind on my posts.  Can you tell that school has started and I have different priorities? Anywho, I will start with Jake's Birthday and try to catch you up one post at a time...

That's right...Jake is 3!!  His birthday was August 29th at Chuck E Cheese.  He loves that place. 


Jake's First Week of School

Jake's first week of school had a few ups and a few downs.  When I first dropped him off on Monday I was running a little bit late so I was in a hurry.  I left him in the room crying his eyes out.  It killed me but I knew I was only going to be a few feet away.  For those of you that don't know, Jake gets to go to school with me this year.  We have a really cool program called Pegasus for 3 & 4 year old teachers' kids. So he's right down the hall from me all day long.  I was curious as to how it would be when he saw me in the hall or cafeteria or somewhere and not be able to come with me.  To my surprise, he does just fine.  He says hi to me and then gets back to what he is supposed to do.  I saw him yesterday walking down the hall with his hands behind his back and a "bubble" in his mouth.  (you fellow teachers will appreciate that) It was the cutest thing ever.  I guess I'm gonna have to start carrying around a camera everytime I leave my room :)  

There were some mornings when he was real excited about going to school and there were others when he wanted to go to school but to Mommy's classroom.  There were more times than not that he threw a fit with I picked him up.  He did NOT want to leave.  He was too "busy making something." It did a little number on me but I was glad that he enjoyed his class.  Yesterday, when I poked my head in on nap time Mrs. Granger said that Jake wanted a pillow for nap time.  They had been giving him this pillow b/c he said it was his.  It wasn't...Jake lied.   It was Cody's, so they gave it back to him and Jake was very upset.  So Grammy will be taking him to Wal-Mart to get a pillow for school (Mom and Dad are leaving for Austin for Luke's 30th :))  Thanks Grammy!!!

Here is Jake the first day of school when I picked him up. I dropped him off crying and picked him up smiling..."It's a Beautiful Day" 
Jake with his teacher Mrs. Granger.  She is the best and loves those kiddos like her own.
Mrs. Granger, Jake and Ms. Lisa
Ms. Lisa always teases that she's going to take Jake home with her...Jake agrees. 


Happy 60th PAPA!!

Our Papa turned 60 this past weekend and we had a SURPRISE party for him at the bay.  I tell you what...it is sooo hard to keep an exciting secret from someone when you're with them ALL day.  I think Mom and I put our foot in our mouth more then once but luckly Dad wasn't paying too much attention to us :) 

 We had both of his brothers (one from Dallas and the other from Galveston) bring their families to the bay Friday night and meet us at Trans (Dad's favorite Firday night dinner spot).  It worked out perfect...and I think it took Dad a few minutes to register who he was actually seeing.  Another GREAT surprise was that Julie flew in from North Carolina and meet us there too.  We only get to see her a few times a year, so it was VERY nice weekend. 
Jake sporting Papa's "60" glasses.
Luke and Julie on Dad's Birthday Present from his family
Jake's helping Papa blow out his 60 candles.
Now he's licking EVERY one of them
Headed to shell beach for the first time this summer.
Papa and his 2 favorite people riding in his new golfcart
Miller, Jake and Uncle "Awesome"
"Best Friends"

A special thanks to all the Leslie's for coming from all over TX to celebrate Dad's Birthday.  Thanks to Aunt Mary and Uncle Danger for joining in the surprise.  And thanks to all Dad's friends for making this past weekend so special. 


HNMS at Sugar Land

Last Saturday we took Jake to the Natural Museum of Science right here in Sugar Land.  I really didn't know what to expect because it's pretty new and kinda small.  It turned out to be great and perfect for Jake.  Considering we were there on a Saturday morning (11ish), we had the museum pretty much to ourselves.  There were just a handful of other people there so we got to do whatever we wanted without any lines. 
Jake is really into things that are real and fake. 
 He told me, "Don't worry Mom, he's not real.  He won't eat you!"
Do you see the frog in the aquarium?
Jake is mixing colors to make new colors.  He thought that was the "coolest thing ever!!"
Triceritops was a little scary
Our very own paleontologist!!
"It taste like butterfly...YUM!!!"